Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Internet Safety

What you learned from Videos and articles?

Top 5 ways teens are comprimising their identities:
I was surprised to hear that people steal the identities of children, my mind had never even gone there before. I really support spreading knowledge to teenagers who unknowingly give out personal information online. Explicit instruction about internet safety seems to be a great way to protect students.

Growing Up Online: HOnestly it is hard for me to think that I am at all outdated but this brought to mind how different my upbringing was from the children around me. My nephew, for instance, gets to play with his dad's itouch as a little entertainment and he is less than 2 years old. I suddenly had the realization of how much technology has changed and evolved since I was little.

Let Our Voices Be Heard by Elder Ballard,
Finding and Sharing the Gospel Online,
Things as They Really Are by Elder Bednar: I loved all of these gospel perspectives on the internet. It made me really reflect on how inspired and up to date these men are. It was also nice to read about how the internet can be a danger and a resource. Battling this dichotomy offers yet another opportunity to use our discernment. I thought that Elder Bednar's talk in particular was so refreshing. It took into consideration the current state of deterioration of humanity based on a cyber-existence. It seemed like such a refresher to have Elder Bednar explain how reality is not what we see online but rather the interactions that we have.

Who I taught and how it went?
Luckily my visiting teachers were nice enough to let me teach them a little bit about internet safety in a casual way. They seemed interested in hearing how identity theft is a major threat. I think because they are from an older generation than I am they are even more weary of the internet, which is good for safety but possible crippling aswell.

Goals I have as a teacher...
As a teacher I want to create a safe environment where my students feel empowered by their knowledge of the internet. If they know how to stay safe while searching and learning then they will have a better experience in the classroom.

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